Apple announce about the new OS “Mountain Lion” 10.8 for Mac

Apple was announced before few days about the coming OS for Mac “Mountain Lion” with version number 10.8 .
This OS will have some special properties and advanced like iOS (for iPhone ,iPad and iPod) but will be more bigger .

At the same time apple announced that this OS will be available at the end of 2012 .

Some “Mountain Lion” features  :

The new OS has  an important feature

And Now iCloud be supported in Mountain Lion OS

You  Just need to register your personal iCloud account to prepare your Mac with your e-mails and contacts and documents and to make a copy for your all information.

Messages Services that similar to iMessage  On iOS

Now message service will be from iChat ,so its name will change to Message and it will have all iChat with new features .

Reminder application that offered with iOS 5 now available with Mac OSX 10.8

Now you can put a list of objectives and goals and the you can set the start and finish time /date for these goal , and by iCloud you can sync your devices.
Notes application  “Noes” that offered by iOS5 will be available with Mountain Lions OS

Easy to write all things you need and sync them with you devices with  iCloud Service and easy to put images and pictures with edit feature on any device after syncing.

In addition you can pin these noted on your desktop if they important and they will be easy to reach .

NOW Notification center will be on Mountain Lion OS

Easily go to right side to see all notification you received.

And you can see all notification as “Growl” application and these notification will easy to reach even the screen in full mode.

Now  Share button will be available in Mountain Lion and has anew features

Now you can share all safari links with many other applications  like Messages or e-mail or any thing else.

And now you can send images to many application like Message

Twitter will be completely merged with Mountain Lion  like iOS5

With apility to send a twit from any app and share anything you want .

Game center will be on Mountain Lion to gain features of the social of games.

Like iOS you can see your friend and new invitation..etc.

AirPlay Mirroring
  that available in iOS 5
Will be at Mountain  Lion OS

Now you can display anything you need from your Mac to your apple TV that has this feature.

GateKepper , this application is to protect you Mac

You can see vedio on Youtube :


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