"New iPad" more Transparent and more Fast

Lastly we see the new iPad at Apple event and we called him "iPad 3" even apple did not name it that !.
the New iPad has "retina" screen after a long wiating , retina used in iphone 4 , iphone 4S and iPod touch 4 ,In addition apple replace the Proccser with A5X ...etc.

Lets start talking about these new features : 

For sure the nost interesting new feature is a retina screen with 1526 x 2024 pixel ! with this resolution you will see every thing clearly , and the Officials announced that the different is very Observed with percentage 40%.

The different is very clear between iPad 2 and iPad 3
as you see .

iPad 2 processor was from Apple A5 , but with New iPad the core A5X it means that become with 4 cores for graphics and this important improvement will   increase the resolution , one thing more ,,, it need Less power .

The new cam for New iPad has a lot of attention from apple !
it can maximize the images up to 5 mega-pixel with a new Lens for face-tracing and video recording with 1080 pixel,
in addition Apple added an Insulating layer  to enable images displaying in more proffincal and clear look.

As you see in above image, new iPad has an excellent improvement for camera , it consist from 5 lenses like iPhone 4s . 

For the first time apple support 4G network with LTE that can up to 72 m/s , and support HSPA with Speed of 21 m/s and support DC-HSDPA with speed of 42 m/s.

In addition , Apple add anew feature that Personal Hotspot , it enable users to use iPad 3 as data transmitter .

Spelling feature now available on new iPad and supports the following languages:

1- English
2 -German
3- French
4- Japanese

The "AirPlay" surely supported by new iPad and it works with any device supports AirPlay like AppleTV

Battery now has these features :

- 9 Hours in 4G for browsing
-up to 10 Horus for browsing and display movies

Youtube Video  :


iPhoto for iOS

One new application is "iPhoto" for iOS (iPhone,iPad and iPod ) devices .


At 7 March -2012 and on iPad event , Apple announces about the new application for iOS named iPhoto with amazing and beautiful features.


iPhoto support the following points :

1- You can browse and re-arrange a hundreds of images using touch
2- You can make a quick search and comparison between images automatically .
3- You can browses many images in the same screen (2 or mores images)
4- You can minimize the image

Editing using touch :

1- Simply tap the places you wanna to edit
2- Tap the image to modify the color of the image
3- You can bake to the normal image (without any modification ) easily
4- You can modify the horizontal optical line easily

Skin :

1- Use your finger to modify any place you want
2- Lighten and Darken Color saturation or The application of intensity for the selected area.
3- You can color using the Repair Brush.
4- You can remove the red-eyes using something brunch .


Images Folders :

-You can share the stories in a good way at images folders.
- iPhoto order you images in a nice way.
- You can share your folder with iCloud .


"New iPad" , not iPad 3 !!

"New iPad" is the name that apple use for the latest  generation of iPad device , and not ipad 3 or ipad 2S or ipad HD !

So the question why apple use just "iPad" for this one !!

As we notice apple improve the screen features.

More information and details in a coming soon article