iPhoto for iOS

One new application is "iPhoto" for iOS (iPhone,iPad and iPod ) devices .


At 7 March -2012 and on iPad event , Apple announces about the new application for iOS named iPhoto with amazing and beautiful features.


iPhoto support the following points :

1- You can browse and re-arrange a hundreds of images using touch
2- You can make a quick search and comparison between images automatically .
3- You can browses many images in the same screen (2 or mores images)
4- You can minimize the image

Editing using touch :

1- Simply tap the places you wanna to edit
2- Tap the image to modify the color of the image
3- You can bake to the normal image (without any modification ) easily
4- You can modify the horizontal optical line easily

Skin :

1- Use your finger to modify any place you want
2- Lighten and Darken Color saturation or The application of intensity for the selected area.
3- You can color using the Repair Brush.
4- You can remove the red-eyes using something brunch .


Images Folders :

-You can share the stories in a good way at images folders.
- iPhoto order you images in a nice way.
- You can share your folder with iCloud .

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